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Buy Velvet Blue at Amazon. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders Latest Fashion Women Clothing Shop. Free Shipping Order Over $49. Buy Now Blue Velvet's Burmese & Burmilla pictures. 335 likes. Info about our cats, kittens and studs and everything you want to know about Burmese and Burmill Blue Velvet's Burmese & Burmilla pictures. 338 likes. Info about our cats, kittens and studs and everything you want to know about Burmese and Burmill

Welcome to the world of Blue Velvet Sky. Our Persian and Exotic Cats Himalayan Colorpoint cattery is born for the great passion for this elegant breed. We have therefore selected negative PKD cats, with the best pedigrees and the right features to be able to obtain specimens with good, sweet expression structure, and especially blue magnetic eyes TeddyDiamond 'BLUE VELVET' Exotic SH texts and all the information contained here is exclusive property of TeddyDiamond Cattery® and protected by law.. BLUE VELVET SKY DIABOLIK. Boy Exo Nero CPC. Not for Sale & Born new babies 08/30/2018 BLUE VELVET SKY CASANOVA OF COLOROLLA boy per red linx point. Live to Russia & Born 01/06/2018. BLUE VELVET SKY COCA COLA. Girl exo tortie cpc. Stay in cattery. For more information contact u Hobby breeding BSH cats in colours: blue, lilac, cream, childpadt, chocolate, cinnamon, fawn. All our cats are testet to FIP,FIV,Felv,PKD-DNA,HCM. We prefer super typ. A beautifully hand stitched vintage Burmese Kalaga tapestry with fabulous detail.on blue velvet background ,sequins, beads, gold threads Traditional elephant Backed with black fabric , this does have 3 missing beads in the border and amazing considering age Background info on Kalaga: Kalaga (Burmese) is a heavily embroidered appliquĂ

Related cats called European Burmese in the Cat Fanciers Association added additional colors and patterns. The Burmese is also the parent breed for the Bombay, Tonkinese, and Burmilla. Burmese are people cats who require affection and rule the house with a velvet paw The Burmese was named for its resemblance to Burmese cats, in a move that proved premature once we discovered that sable rats are actually much more like Burmese cats, and our Burmese rats are actually closer to Tonkinese cats Burmese kittens here are available in 4 coat colors: brown, champagne (beige mixed with honey), light blue and platinum (gray - silver). Beside their pretty look, Burmeses here are also lovely and highly socialized, which makes them suitable to live in any families

Blue-Gem Ragdolls - Massachusetts Ragdoll cat breeders. We are dedicated to breeding beautiful Ragdolls. We are dedicated to breeding beautiful Ragdolls. (Ragdoll A site for cat fanciers which contains information about the various cat breeds, a breeders index, information concerning health and genetics, examples are taken from the practice Francesca Piconese bluevelvetsky cattery Cats grinder ! Piconese bluevelvetsky cattery Cats grinder ! Uggiano La Chiesa Internet owner of blue velvet sky. Kittens. Shows. Foto's. Contact. Charlie van Kuijs Charlie Chocolate. Fiep van Kuijs x Ch. Krasnoyarsk Cornelian Bloom. Ch. Blue velvet's Shirley Bassey 'Roxy' (Is. Burmese cats are also quite compact and very tidy which fit in well with temple life. Because they were developed with an extreme emphasis on domestic character, the Burmese is a very social breed that requires human interaction, forms very strong bonds and does not like to be left alone

Members of the Purebred Burmese Cats Alliance Since March 2009: Breeder . Cattery Name link on website E-Mail-Contact Blue Velvet's Burmese and Burmill BURMESE BREEDERS ! Pink paw = breeder has a homepage ! Red paw = Pictures or other information about the cattery ! Search Blue Velvet's: Laura Boshoven. The action of the gene also produces the modified colorpoint effect, which is more noticeable in young kittens. The first blue Burmese was born in 1955 in Britain, followed by red, cream, and tortoiseshell over the next decades. Champagne (chocolate in the UK) first appeared in America

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  1. European Burmese. Exotic. Havana Brown. Breed Winners and Top Cats 2017-18. GC CHPERSON BLUE VELVET Blue Point Siamese Female
  2. Velvet is a gorgeous two year old blue Burmese cat and she is 4 beautiful Burmese Cross Kittens 2 blue and white 1 black and available for Blue Burmese.
  3. I breed Burmese and Burmilla cats,like to meet others. worden Zie hier Blue Velvet's Power of Love met zn ma als klein ukkie pukkie En kijk eens hoe hij nu is.
  4. There is a range in Burmese head and body type; the more compact cats with the rounder heads are seen in the show ring. Burmese have large, expressive eyes that are great pools of innocence and seductive appeal, irresistible in effect
  5. BOBBY VINTON-BLUE VELVET JIM GONSALVES. Loading... Unsubscribe from JIM GONSALVES? Steve Lawrence - Pretty Blue Eyes - Duration: 1:50. Carlos Iván 2,787,822 views. 1:50

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  1. Marie & Burmese Kittens Velvet's Siamese Kittens . As I'm writing this now, Blue Eyes and Precious are with me on the table! A KITTEN'S PERSPECTIVE: A.
  2. Neva Masquerade breed cattery located in Zagreb, Croatia. Our cats originate from awarded premium breeders
  3. BAYLEE BLUE EYES Lisa A. Thorne 519 Maple St. Contoocook, NH 03229 603-491-5624 NE KI PALACE CATTERY Katrina Held-Husong 105 Friendswood Dr. Goldsboro, NC 2753
  4. On Mar 29 1955, the first blue Burmese kitten, Sealcoat Blue Surprise, was born in England. Cats other than sable had appeared earlier, but most Burmese breeders chose to breed only the sable cats. It is now believed that Wong Mau also carried the genes for dilution and chocolate that resulted in the appearance of chocolate, blue and lilac kittens
  6. North Carolina Cat Breeders Websites. Beautiful Colors: Mink, Sepia, Blue & Seal kittens Patterns: Mitted, Lynx, Bi Color & Colorpoint. Burmese Cornish Rex.

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