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Dandy-Walker variant. Dr Henry Knipe ◉ ◈ and Radswiki et al. Dandy-Walker variant (DWv) is a less severe posterior fossa anomaly than the classic Dandy-Walker malformation (DWM) and is considered being on the lesser end of the disease spectrum in the Dandy-Walker continuum. Article Dandy-Walker syndrome (DWS) is a rare group of congenital human brain malformations. There are three subtypes which affect multiple organs to varying degrees, but the fundamental abnormalities involve the cerebellum which controls muscle coordination

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  1. Dandy-Walker variant: A less severe form of a brain malformation called Dandy-Walker. The brain malformation involves the development of a cyst which may interfere with the drainage of cerebrospinal fluid and lead to hydrocephalus. Many patients don't have symptoms until adulthood or remain asymptomatic but some may be severely affected
  2. The Dandy-Walker complex is a rare congenital intracranial malformation that comprises a spectrum of abnormalities of the posterior fossa which are classified as (a) Dandy-Walker malformation (cystic dilatation of the 4th ventricle, complete or partial agenesis of the cerebellar vermis and an enlarged posterior fossa) (b) Dandy-Walker variant (.
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  4. The Dandy- Walker variant (DWV) is a unique entity believed to represent a milder form of the complex, and is characterized by a specific constellation of radiographic findings
  5. Dandy-Walker Syndrome is a congenital brain malformation involving the cerebellum (an area at the back of the brain that controls movement) and the fluid filled spaces around it

Dandy Walker Syndrome - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Life Expectancy, Pictures and Images. This is a medical condition that involves congenital malformation Signs & Symptoms. CVH consists of a small vermis without the striking upward rotation of the vermis, cystic enlargement of the 4th ventricle or enlarged posterior fossa that characterize typical DWM. This malformation has also been called the Dandy-Walker variant, a potentially confusing term

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The Dandy-Walker malformation is a congenital (present at birth) defect affecting the cerebellum, the back part of the brain that controls movement, behavior, and cognitive ability. Dandy-Walker can cause obstruction of the normal drainage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), resulting in a build-up of CSF and a condition called hydrocephalus Dandy-Walker Syndrome is a congenital brain malformation involving the cerebellum (an area of the back of the brain that coordinates movement) and the fluid-filled spaces around it This signs and symptoms information for Dandy-Walker variant has been gathered from various sources, may not be fully accurate, and may not be the full list of Dandy-Walker variant signs or Dandy-Walker variant symptoms. Furthermore, signs and symptoms of Dandy-Walker variant may vary on an individual basis for each patient

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The term classic Dandy-Walker malformation and others like Dandy-Walker variant or Dandy-Walker complex, were created to differentiate those malformations that do not meet the criteria for Dandy-Walker malformation, however, some authors recommend to avoid them as they have a lack of specificity that may create some confusion The Dandy-Walker variant (DWV) is a unique entity believed to represent a milder form of the complex, and is characterized by a specific constellation of radiographic findings. In this retrospective case series, the authors report the association of the DWV with other congenital anomalies, the associated radiographic findings linked with DWV. Some people with Dandy-Walker complex may have physical disabilities or intellectual disabilities. In most cases, infants who have isolated Dandy-Walker variant are more likely to have normal outcomes in the newborn period

What is Congenital Hydrocephalus? In this Article In this Article With hydrocephalus, there's an imbalance between how fast fluid is made and how quickly it's absorbed. Dandy-Walker. A 29 year old man with Down's syndrome, and no acute clinical symptomatology relevant to the imaging findings. Diagnosis: Dandy-Walker variant. MR Technique: 5 mm unenhanced axial SE T1- and FSE (with 15 echoes) T2- and sagittal SE T1-weighted scans are presented, acquired at 1.5 T on a Siemens Espree MR system Dandy walker malformations. Dandy walker malformations span a wide spectrum of deformities, including: Dandy walker syndrome malformation which is the severe form of the disease. Dandy walker syndrome cisterna magna; Dandy walker syndrome variant which is the less severe form that doesn't meet the criteria for the above diseases

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  1. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Frederiksen on dandy walker variant prognosis: Dandy walker is a congenital developmental abnormality of the cerebellum oftentimes including the development of a cyst in the cerebellum. Typically, persons with this have abnormalities in walking and clumsiness
  2. Dandy-Walker syndrome (DWS) is a condition affecting brain development, primarily involving the cerebellum. Classic anatomical hallmarks of DWS are hypoplasia of the cerebellar vermis, antero-posterior enlargment of the posterior fossa, upward displacement of the torcula and transverse sinuses, and cystic dilatation of the fourth ventricle
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  4. a of Luschka and Magendie that results in cerebellar hypoplasia, hydrocephalus, and posterior fossa cyst formation
  5. Dandy-Walker malformation (also known as Dandy-Walker syndrome): having a small cerebellar vermis, large fourth ventricle, and enlarged posterior fossa. Isolated cerebellar vermis hypoplasia (sometimes known as Dandy-Walker variant): having a small cerebellar vermis without other features of Dandy-Walker complex
  6. About Dandy Walker Syndrome General Information. The Dandy-Walker syndrome is hydrocephalus associated with a posterior fossa cyst and abnormal development of the cerebellum, a portion of the brain located near the base of the skull and important to voluntary muscle movement, balance and posture
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