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  2. If you want to make better use of your humble 50mm lens, try these 5 creative uses for it to take your photography to the next level. ✓ Start Here Photo Tip
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  4. Beginners Tips to Shooting Portraits with a 50mm Lens. 22. Mar. 2016 / you can create really fantastic portraits with a 50mm lens. Useful Photography Tip #158: Don't Discount the Bounce.
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9 Creative Architecture Photography Techniques for Amazing Photos! Why a 50mm Lens is your new Best Friend. length for street photography. In my mind the 50mm. Portrait photography can be dealt with as I find that the 85mm on a full frame camera and the 50mm on a cropped sensor to be the optimal portrait lengths. Consider these tips and you will. Today I'm going to share some tips for using the Canon 50mm F1.8 lens. I know that many of you will have this lens, because it's probably the one that most people go for when upgrading from their kit lens Please Support The Phoblographer We love to bring you guys the latest and greatest news and gear related stuff. However, we can't keep doing that unless we have your continued support

The 50mm prime lens is often a photographer's favourite, perfect for portraits, product photography and low light conditions. They offer sharpness that zoom lenses cannot touch. Today, we have a collection of 50 great photos from around the internet that were made with the renowned 50mm lens Both of these shots were taken using a 50mm lens, an unusual but great choice for landscape photography. As with any other type of photography, no two landscape shoots are the same. If you'd like more tips on how to take eye-catching landscape images, make sure to keep reading

The 50mm f/1.4 lens: Photography's Magic Bullet Fast, Cheap and Classic. By Popular Photography Staff posted Mar 12th, 2009 at 5:21pm Learn new photography techniques - and master old ones - with this essential photographer's resource. The classic portrait focal lengths for a full-frame camera are 50mm, 85mm prime lenses.

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With this in mind, and having shot street photography extensively with a mix of focal lengths from 16mm to 50mm, I'd like to offer my thoughts on using a 50mm lens for street photography. What is a 50mm lens? The clue is sort of in the title! When I refer to a 50mm lens I'm talking about a prime or fixed focal length lens Photo Tips > 50mm Lens: Good for Low Light, & Less Depth-of-field. There are two reasons to consider getting a separate 50mm lens. Yes, you already have a 50mm lens when you adjust your zoom lens to its 50mm focal length Hi Josh, Im just a newbie in photography and I have a Nikon D3100. Just bought the Nikon AF 50mm 1.8D, however, in Manual mode, I tried shooting my son inside our room with 5 flourescent lights on, at 200/F1.8, ISO 400, but the picture came out dark (or underexposed?)

Here's a composition exercise which will stretch your creativity muscle and get you thinking about what works as an image. All you need is your camera and a 50mm lens - or a zoom set to 50mm and. MY GEAR: YOUTUBE & TRAVEL CAMERA: POINT AND SHOOT: TRAVEL TRIPOD: http.

5 Tips ~ Max Out Your Prime Lens Prime lens are fixed at one focal length (i.e. 35mm, 50mm, 55mm, etc.). They do not charge focal lengths like zoom lenses which are named after there zoom range (i.e. 17-35mm or 70-200mm) The fact that prime lenses don't zoom, at first, might seem like a turn off Not a problem. Our 50 essential photography tips will help you get more familiar with your pocket snapper. in which case an equivalent 50mm lens would act as though it were a 75mm unit Photography tips & tricks provide you with the skills you need to create work at a higher level. Discover photography techniques from the experts at Nikon You can use any lens for street photography, but you'll notice that most street photographers use a fairly wide-angle lens - somewhere between 24mm and 50mm. I use a 35mm lens on my full-frame DSLR, which means I can get in closer to the subject and get more involved in the scene, which comes across in the photograph

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How to Take Wedding Photos - Best Wedding Photography Tips. by Waseem Abbas on Oct 22, 2018. Facebook 67 lens 18-55 and a 50mm lens. I have two reflective. Wildlife Photography Techniques; Supersized Panorama Stitching Tips & Techniques. Canon 14mm, 24mm, 50mm prime lenses and the 70-200mm ƒ/4 IS zoom. I take.

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As said above, some skills are needed to focus a rangefinder quickly and consistently, especially wide open as the sharpness plane will be very thin. This series will therefore will cover the main focusing techniques I use while in the street with my lens wide open. Let's start today by the most common one : Focus through the viewfinder. Photo Techniques. 141 between 50mm and 135mm are often used, in designed for close-up photography has a magnification of 5× The phrase say cheese is more cringe-worthy than smile-worthy. Learn how to get genuine smiles, along with six other portrait photography tips in this guide. From finding good light to creating.

Freelensing // Photography Techniques. Well, over time I found that the 50mm focal length is perfect for my way of seeing the world and great for getting the. Tags: Canon 50mm food photography tamron SP Food Photography Gear Sigma Art Series canon l-series We eat together Nifty 50 Tamron G2 Series This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, however, this does not impact accuracy or integrity of our content

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Tips for Low Light Photography. Home » Photography Tips » Tips for Low Light Photography. If you have the f1/8 version of the 50mm lens your shutter speed. Tips & Shortcuts; Customization Introducing the Wonderful World of 50mm Prime Lenses they both used a 50mm prime lens for much of their photography

TOP 5 TIPS ::: 1. Use a lens that has a wide aperture like f/1.2, 1.4, 1.8. The 50mm f/1.8 is only $100, and it is a terrific lens! My whole body of work is done with a 50mm f/1.8 and a Canon Rebel XS Nightclub photography techniques 3 - composition. To avoid every shot being in the same style - get creative with your composition. Try extra high or extra low rather than eye level viewpoints and occasionally use a 50mm prime lens with very large aperture to give shallow depth of field Artistic portraits of kids (who wiggle, move, and make silly faces) can be a challenge. Check out the seven tips below! A quick disclaimer: There are a variety of wonderful DSLR cameras on the market and each comes with unique language. While the tips below *will* work on a Nikon, I speak Canon 7 Concert Photography Tips for Low Light Stages. Fast Lens. you can always start by purchasing an inexpensive fixed 50mm lens. This small and affordable lens.

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Photographing Insects - Close-up photography is a must for insects; they are small and intricate and therefore require attention to detail. Use the appropriate equipment to get the best results; this includes a macro lens which is designed for extreme close-ups 10 Creative Photography Ideas & Techniques to Try. By Christopher Lin on November 1st 2016. We've used a broken Canon 50mm f/1.8 for the shot above, holding it. 6 Tips For Better Bokeh How to get that dreamy blurred background. 50mm, f/1.6, 1/500s This is really useful for portrait photography - being able to. Learning to Love 35mm Lenses: Why I Switched from 50mm to 35mm for Street Photography Published by 500px Blog • 4 years ago Jeremiah Rogers is a Cambodia-based traveling photographer who quit his job as an engineer at Facebook to travel around the world and take pictures of everyday life Having the ability to capture candid moments naturally on camera is a skill every professional photographer should practice and learn well. The essence of candid photography is to be comfortable with the camera and to easily blend into any situation. Learn more about candid photography, and a few tips and tricks to getting started, below

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Six Standout Night Photography Tips to Help You Master the Craft. On my 50mm f/1.8, I have to keep it lower than 15 seconds. Reply to this message The Weekly Flickr. Flickr Blog. landscape lens but I shoot landscapes with a 50mm all the time. the focal length for the type of photography you are doing but. / Tips & Techniques Tips & Techniques Master the skills needed for successful landscape, wildlife and nature photography with expert instruction, tips and techniques, from how-to basics to advanced concepts 10 Camera Settings and Equipment Tips for Portrait Photography. November 9, 2017 by Darlene Hildebrandt. Share 155. Tweet 5. WhatsApp. invest in a good old 50mm f. A 50mm prime lens is a natural choice for a first prime lens. 50mm f/1.8 lenses are very affordable and allow you to explore a wide variety of techniques while gaining confidence as a photographer. Versatility. 50mm is a versatile focal length on both full frame and cropped sensor DSLR cameras

Macro photography techniques, tips and tricks Tip 1. Manual focus. Switch off autofocus when you're taking macro photos. Depth of field (DOF) can be measured in millimetres when you're shooting. Large group photography seems intimidating, but when you break it down, it's much easier than you think! If you go in prepared, it can even take LESS time than a regular family session. Here are 12 tips and tricks for mastering large group photography How To Take Amazing Photos with a Canon 50mm f/1.4 Prime Lens wholeheartedly recommended a Canon 50mm prime lens. in wedding photography, any tips regarding.

Nightclub Photography Tips And Tricks. 18 to 50mm lens - your kit lens may work fine, but an f2.8 would be much better Our mission at Contrastly is to help. For those who travel with ONLY a 50mm - what are your techniques or tips and tricks to make the most out of this focal length for all types of travel photography? ( submitted 1 year ago by Samwise0 Tim Coleman | Photography Techniques, Digital SLR Cameras Following our full review of the Nikon D850 DSLR camera and an in-depth look at using it for portrait photography, we've put it through its paces at a variety of sporting events to find out if it can keep up with the action Boudoir photography with the 50mm lens. With shooting space often times so tight for boudoir photo sessions, there is the temptation to use a 50mm lens for tighter headshots on a full-frame D-SLR

Shooting a wedding with a 50mm prime, tips on the use of 50mm prime to shot beautiful wedding photos. Wedding photography is probably one of the hardest of genres. If you want to sell a photography item to redditors or want to buy a photography item from a redditor, Photo techniques. Any photographers ONLY use 50mm lens Photography Lessons Photography Lighting Photography Filters Dslr Photography Tips Photography Awards People Photography Photography Tips For Beginners Photography Equipment Product Photography Tips Photography Tips The cheap kit lenses bundled with many interchangeable lens cameras are surprisingly versatile Like I said, for great photography you're going to want to find an airplane or helicopter company that will let you shoot through an open window, but if all else fails, or you just happen to find yourself on an plane for another purpose, keep these tips in mind

Filed Under: Gear Tagged With: 50mm f/0.95, Fast lens, Mitakon, Mitakon 50mm F0.95, Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 50mm f/0.95, Speedmaster « Ten pro photography tips I wish I knew ten years ago The CANIKON is the world's first autofocus Canon-to-Nikon adapter Event Photography Tips: And, bring a lens that is designed for low light photography. I always have my Canon 50mm f/1.8 II with me. It is a small lens that. If you're just starting out with photography, it's really important to set up a great backup system to ensure that your photos stand the test of time. 10 photography tips for beginners. Up Next

12 Tips for Outstanding Street Photography. Opportunities for shooting street photography abound, but few people know how to capture evocative images of everyday life Big Savings on 50mm. Free 2-Day Shipping w/Amazon Prime If you still aren't convinced you need to own a Nifty Fifty lens, watch Julia Trotti's video below where she discusses five reasons she thinks a 50mm lens is a great choice for portrait photography. A 50mm lens or using a prime lens is something that every photographer should experience and try at least once, Trotti says

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The 35mm lens is a fantastic lens and today I will give you 6 reasons why its better than the 50mm lens. 2 Day Photography Bootcam 50mm and 85mm are the most popular focal length portrait photography, as well as with such a focal length portrait photo obtained undistorted, natural and squashed. Telephoto camera lense. Sometimes used for portrait photography, but rarely for several reasons: The larger the focal length, the less perceived distances between objects in scale Why shooting with just a 35mm lens WILL improve your photography. My tips on the Fuji X100 by Kaushal Parikh He used the normal 50mm for most of his. 5 Camera Setting Tips for Shooting Great Portraits. A 50mm portrait lens will give you less diversity than a telephoto or Tips for great Halloween photography

Sony 50mm F/1.8 review, sony nifty fifty, 50mm review, Sony 50mm review, Sony 50mm/F1.8 review, Sony 50mm/1.8 review Photography tips, articles and reviews from a. What lens should you use to shoot food? March 17, 50mm Lens (most common lens food bloggers use) - not my favorite I blog about photography tips and tricks. In case you're wondering, the world's fastest 50mm lenses, at f/1.0, are made by Leica and Canon; these lenses can permit photography by the light of a single candle! < More professional results . Your pictures will look more professional using available-light techniques Humans have always been fascinated by the night sky, so when photography was invented, no wonder cameras have been pointed skyward to record the cosmos. Photography Tip—5 Techniques To Photograph the Milky Way, Part

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Our Best Macro Photography Tips. Shown below is a set of ten amazing macro images with macro photography tips for the relevant image. Each photograph also includes an explanation of the camera equipment that was used and camera settings 20 Tips for Photographing Youth Basketball. I've done it with a 50mm 1.8 with good results, but there is a spray and pray aspect to sports photography The Do's and Don'ts of Product Photography For Etsy Sellers Some of the product photos in my archives were shot with a 50mm Ultimate Product Photography. The Best Lenses for Wedding Photography. 50mm f/1.2 - 1.4 Jasmine's go-to lens, the Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens gives her the versatility she needs to shoot in a wide variety of conditions. She takes this lens with her everywhere, whether shooting weddings or personal purposes

If you plan on using it for outdoor photography, this 50mm lens has an all-metal barrel that's resistant to dust and weather. Basic Landscape Photography Tips Increasingly, macro photography is accomplished using compact digital cameras and small-sensor bridge cameras, combined with a high powered zoom lens and (optionally) a close-up diopter lens added to the front of the camera lens. The deep depth of field of these cameras is an advantage for macro work I took an online course and received a Photography certificate. The course covered everything from beginning to advanced photography, the business of photography, portfolio, lighting techniques, advertising, etc... Before I took this cousre, I had high school photography under my belt and a variety of art courses Professional photographer and author Derrick Story publishes daily tech news, photo tips, techniques, reviews, and a weekly photography podcast. Using a 50mm Lens for Sports? - The Digital Stor 35mm or 50mm? How to determine which focal length is the right fit for your style of photography. 5 tips to help you find the right lens for your shots As for lenses, I started out using a 50mm 1.8 lens, which I retired after upgrading to the 50mm 1.4 lens. While I now have a variety of lenses that I use depending on what I'm photographing aside from food, the one I use for 98% of my food photography is a 100mm 2.8 macro lens